Hello families, 

Happy month of love.  As a reminder tomorrow we will celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing ONE Valentine with the class.

In Spanish we have been studying parts of the body, numbers, days of the week and months of the year.

Remember school is closed Monday, February 20th as we have an in service day.

Please remember to keep your child home if they have taken medicine to reduce a fever.  There have been lots of bugs going around and we are doing our due diligence to sterilize the classroom and be as germ free as possible.  We appreciate your partnership in keeping our children well!

Our clean up song this month is “All You Need is Love.”  The children have been so cute singing along to this tune.

We have begun our human body unit of study.  We are going through the different systems and have so far studied digestive and circulatory.

The Kindergarteners have been doing Writer’s Workshop and discussing what it means to be a writer and time management.

We also have been talking a lot about trash, compost and recycling and want to encourage all of our families to send your child’s food in reusable containers if possible, so we can reduce our classroom impact on the environment.

Our can food drive is still going strong and we would love to collect more nonperishable items until the last day of February.  Thank you to those of you who have already contributed!

Sewing has been a big hit during work time, you may notice your child coming home with sewing practice, dolls or pillows! Be on the lookout on Fridays.





(Hendrix, Liam and Charlie discover different leaf shapes after a botany lesson!)

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Spring semester is off to a rainy start, but we have been joyful and happily working inside the classroom. The children have transitioned back beautifully and are ready to work! It is very normal to have a second bout with separation anxiety after the break. If you need support or extra tools, feel free to call us during our office hours.

We are excited to share our new unit of study, “Feelings,” with the children. We have been listening to the song called, “Fighting is not the Solution,” by The Mosaic Project. This song models what to do in a situation when conflict arises.

“Stop and cool off and take a deep breath, if you get angry don’t lose your head. Fighting is not the solution, try conflict resolution.”

After we finish our Feelings Unit we will begin the Human Body.

We are also very excited to share that each Wednesday, Miss Maia is beginning our new Spanish Curriculum, by Somos Amigos, “Mi familia, mis amigos y yo.” So far we have introduced four songs entitled, “ Hola, hola,” or “Hello, Hello,” “Hola means “Hello” in Spanish, “Buenos dias,” or “Good Morning,” “Cuantos ninos hay?”-How Many Children Are There?”

Here are the lyrics to “Hola, Hola” in case you would like to sing it at home!

“Hola, hola, hola, hola a los ninos,

Hola, hola, hola, hola a las mamas,

Hola, hola, hola, hola a los papas.

Hola, hola, hola,


Welcome to you.”

For Valentine’s Day, we plan on each student bringing only ONE valentine for the whole Primary 4 class. Examples of this may include a poster, a plant, a balloon, or bouquet of flowers. Please refrain from sending individual Valentine’s and please respect our NO sugar policy.

We are beginning a canned food drive tomorrow and our goal is to collect 100 cans of unperishable items by February 14th so we can send some love to our community. Please drop off your canned items on the Primary 4 porch.


(Zadie works on her stringing technique!)


(Raeley spells words with our moveable alphabet)


(Pax and Barrett palling around!)


(Chloe C. uses the addition strip board!)



Hello P4 Families,

We cannot believe that we are already at the halfway point in the school year.  As we reflect back on the first part of the year we are so grateful for such an amazing group of students this year.  This class is a particularly kind and emotionally intelligent group we have, which has made for a really lovely school year.

Thank you so much for the wonderful and generous holiday gifts!  We feel so appreciated and grateful for your sweet children and all of you.


Please make sure you take all of your child’s things home tomorrow after the party (water bottles, nap rolls, art work, work in cubbies). If you want to get an early start on your holiday vacation, feel free to take your child home after the party.  Please check that the extra clothes you brought in are weather appropriate and still fit.

Food items for the potluck should be dropped off in the morning at drop off so we can have it all set up.  We will invite parents promptly in at 11 for our performance.  Afterwards, you can browse our art show and enjoy a picnic outside or in the classroom with your child. The children’s art is representative of three artists we have been studying; Frida Kahlo, Henri Matisse, and Jackson Pollock.

We still need cloth napkins and would thoroughly appreciate donations if you have any laying around.

By way of reminder, please make sure EVERYTHING you send to school is labeled with your child’s name.

Have a wonderful break, see you next year.


your p4 Teachers





Hello Quetzal Families!

It is so crazy to think that the holiday season is right around the corner! The children have been talking about all of the things they are grateful for, and this month’s clean up song is Raffi’s “Thanks A Lot”. We will be tasting cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey for snack this week!

It was so fun sharing the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) with the children. They created such a beautiful altar and you could feel all of love in their hearts as we celebrated those who have lived their whole lives. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with our classroom! We got to try the special pan de muerto (bread) and we decorated our classroom with skulls and flower petals and smelled incense. It was such a wonderful day!

We have also been learning about Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist. We read about her life and looked at some of her paintings, and even created our own Frida Kahlo inspired art, more to come on that!!



Thank you to all who came to casino night, it was so fun sharing the evening with you, and congrats to Barrett’s family on winning our P4 art item!

A few friendly reminders:

There is no school next week we will see you on Monday November 28th, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

*We need cloth napkins for lunchtime, if anyone has some that you are not using, or wants to donate some, we would love to have them! We are hoping to have 99 of them on hand(3 for each child).

Please remember the children have been playing a lot in the dirt box and using paint in classroom, so please do not send them in clothes that you would not like to see dirty or potentially stained!

We are grateful for all of you!!!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Your P4 teachers

imageHello Quetzal Families!

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween. The children have been all a buzz working on new pumpkin works and creating spooky holiday decorations for our classroom. We even have a new clean up song this month to celebrate!

A favorite circle poem this month is “5 Little Pumpkins”

“Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate, the first one said “oh my it’s getting late” The second one said “there is witches in the air”, the third one said “but we don’t care” the forth one said “lets run and run and run” and the fifth one said “I’m ready for some fun”. Then ooooooh went the wind and OUT went the lights, and the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!”


Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the lives of all those that have passed away. This holiday falls right after Halloween and we will be celebrating it with the children in our classroom by creating an altar with beautiful flowers and colors. Please feel free to bring in a picture or pictures in the next few weeks of any people or pets you would like us to remember. We always talk about this as a happy celebration of life. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us. image

(Here is an example of an altar from a past year)

Conferences are coming up soon, please bring any and all questions you may have, we can’t wait to sit and chat about your wonderful children, so thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us!

We wil be opening the outdoor work environment very soon, and so with this means that children will be working in dirt and mud. Please have them come in appropriate clothing and continue to label label label everything, thank you!!

As a reminder our office hours are M, T, TH, F from 3-4pm. If you need to reach us after this time, please do so by email only. We will respond to you as soon as we can.


Cultural Fest – This Saturday from 3-6 pm , please bring a dish to share (Adults $10, children are free)

Casino Night – November 12th (adults only night)

image Jackson D. doing pumpkin washing

image Nola’s creative writing sample

As always thank you for allowing us to share our days with your beautiful children ,

Your P4 Guides



Hello Quetzal families,

The school year is off to a beautiful start, we are so thrilled with the incredible group of children we have this year. They have all settled in so nicely, with the new friends learning the routines, and the older’s demonstrating exceptional leadership.

Please look for our class newsletters here mid month.  If you scroll to the bottom, you can join and get automatic updates whenever we post.

We are looking forward to opening our outdoor work environment in the near future once the children have had time to strengthen connections to the indoor environment.

You may have heard your child singing our good morning songs…here are the lyrics:

Hello, bon jour, buenos dias, g’day, guten taag, konichiwa, ciao, shalom, dobre diem, hello to all the children of the world.  we live in different places from all around the world, we speak in many different ways, though some things may be different, were children just the same and we all love to sing and play.

Morning has come, the night is away, rise with the sun and welcome the day. 1,2, ready begin, I’m glad the night is over I’m glad the day’s begun, hello everybody, hello everyone.   At school we come together, we work and we have fun, hello everybody, hello everyone.

Quick reminders-

Our Office hours are M/T/TH/F from 3-4

Please bring a sketch book for your child.

Please send a reusable LABLED bag or backpack on fridays for your child’s work to come home in.

Parent conferences will be next month

Please check our white board outside of the gate for daily notes and circle topics.

As always we welcome and questions, comments and feedback, and want you to feel connected…so please feel free to reach out to us anytime during office hours.



Your p4 Guides.